Here on the Arbor Gate property you may have met our resident cat, Core. Lover, greeter, and help mate, Core is always on call. Occasionally you might spot him lounging bodily on the fresh catnip in the herb section smiling a coy smile. Indeed, catnip is for cats. However, did you know that catnip tea is becoming an increasing favorite for humans as well?

Many suggest that Catnip Tea is a good solution to treat the common cold, flu, and infections if consumed three times per day. It is also known to help with headaches and gastrointestinal distress. You can make Catnip Tea from the catnip plant by crushing two teaspoons of fresh leaves and mix with hot water. Steep for five to ten minutes and strain before drinking the liquid. It is safe for humans, but should not be consumed by pregnant women because it can sometimes cause uterine contractions.

Catnip Tea Benefits —
1. Catnip Tea is a very mild sedative and can help you sleep at night if you drink it before bed.
2. It helps with an upset or sour stomach, particularly with gas and abdominal cramping.
3. This tea also has antipyretic effects, which means it can assist in breaking a fever, so is effective to take when you have symptoms of the common cold and flu.

Find catnip in the Arbor Gate herb section and keep it on hand in the garden for catnip tea and your favorite kitty.