The Arbor Gate Nursery in Tomball introduces the third in its line of complete soil management products. “Arbor Gate Compost Complete is a one-of-a-kind locally and naturally made product that will improve any and all soils, leading to optimal plant performance,” says Mark Bowen, renown Gulf Coast horticulturist, author of several gardening publications and production manager with From the Ground Up.

Unlike other compost products, Compost Complete includes two different types of compost that are blended together right before bagging to preserve the incredible beneficial microbe diversity that provides maximum help with making nutrients available to plants, helping plant roots develop optimally and fighting plant diseases. By using two different but complimentary types of compost, the resulting product is well balanced with respect to macro and micro nutrients that provide both short and long term availability of high quality organic matter that help improve the gardener’s existing soil over time – a much different approach from other single-source composts.

Compost Complete is prepared following an exact, from scratch recipe. By following this recipe, problems like excessive sodium, phosphorous or other potentially problematic substances in large amounts are avoided. The expanded shale component of the product helps promote soil aeration and drainage as well as improved overall soil structure. Expanded shale will also retain and release small amounts of essential moisture during periods of drought.