The Arbor Gate’s 2015 Tomato Contest was a smashing success! The participants overcame some major weather challenges over the last several weeks, as the rain has made it tough on gardeners. Photos, recipes, and results from the event are below – please enjoy!

Prettiest single tomato: Poly Cline-Mortgage Lifter
Best Tasting Small: Katherine Kelton
Best Tasting Large: Shirley Frey-Big Boy
Largest by Weight: Poly Cline-Mortgage Lifter 1lb 11.3oz
Most Uniform Sample: Poly Cline-Cherokee Purple
Salsa: Poly Cline – Download the recipe here
Marinara: Poly Cline-Oven Roasted – Download the recipe here

Written by The Arbor Gate The Arbor Gate staff enjoys contributing to the blog along with our talented writers. As much as we enjoy contributing to this blog, we are the first to admit that we're much better with a shovel than a keyboard!

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