Join us this month for our virtual Pruning Party to learn from Consulting Rosarians how to correctly prune bushes that will be given away as door prizes! It is great time to ask questions and leave the meeting with new information along with a new rose bush!

As in the past, the HRS accepts donation of healthy rose bushes to be used in the pruning demonstration. Members are encouraged to bring any healthy bushes from their yard to donate to a new home. Just dig up the bush with all the roots within a day or two of the meeting and bring it in a plastic bag. Rose growers who have experienced an episode of rose rosette disease in their garden within the last three years should treat their plants as if they are in quarantine and not donate bushes at this time.

This meeting will be a “hybrid” meeting so if you do not feel comfortable joining us in person on Thursday, February 10th at 7 pm at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 1819 Heights Blvd., Houston; you can join us virtually using Go To Meeting.
The meeting link will be available on The Houston Rose Society website at