I always look forward to the annual Fruit and Nut Tree Seminar and Sale. It is usually our first event,not so this year, but it is always highly anticipated. Customers started arriving at 8 a.m. this morning. Some came yesterday in hopes of getting a jump on the others. Beverly and staff had a game plan that worked splendidly, much to the dismay of those hoping to get their trees early.I will say that even I tried to get two apple trees for my brother for his birthday but had to wait with the others for Sunday! But, it was fair for all.
Heidi always gives outstanding information that even the newest gardener could understand and follow. The selections of fruit and nut trees was beyond compare and abundant at the start of the event. By 2 p.m, many varieties were gone.
It was a great day. I heard customers exchanging ideas and tips while waiting in lines which definitely made the wait more enjoyable.If you missed the event, there are some varities of fruit trees left. Come see what we have; you might not get your first choice but any choice from the Arbor Gate will be a good one.