Yard Crashers Came to The Arbor Gate!

The “Yard Crashers” TV show came to Tomball, which is big news in itself. But even bigger news came out of their Sept. 19, 2013, visit to The Arbor Gate. Cast and crew of the DIY Network show were so impressed by the massive turnout of folks hoping for the yard makeover of a lifetime that they decided to produce not one, but two episodes stemming from their visit to our garden center.

They crashed two area yards, transforming one into a “Charming Southern Retreat” and another into “An Eclectic Dining Space.” Both episodes aired on the DIY Network on July 28 at 9:00pm and 9:30pm Central. The Arbor Gate had the honor of supplying plants for both bountiful makeovers, and our very own Beverly Welch and Kennan Williamson served as designers for one of the yards.


Tomball Makes TV History

The big news is not done yet, as you awesome folks actually made television history. With more than 1,300 people showing up for a chance to win the yard makeover, you guys put Tomball on the map as the largest turnout ever for any of the Crashers Franchise. This includes “Yard Crashers” as well as “Bathroom Crashers,” “Kitchen Crashers” and all those other crashers that hand out makeovers like candy.

And there’s more. While we love Houston as well as any other Texas dweller, we have to admit we’re a bit proud that Tomball beat it out when it came to the “Yard Crashers” chosen location. The TV folks were initially eyeing garden shops in Houston to film their show, but once they ran across The Arbor Gate, they knew it was the hot place to be.

And it was hot on that September day. Despite the sweltering heat, "Yard Crashers" host Matt Blashaw made a point of talking to everyone that showed up. This counts as one more tidbit of newsworthy info, proving that Tomball is charming enough to keep TV hosts chatting in the heat – and now has a place in TV history, to boot.

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