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Arbor Gate's Picks
of the Month


Variegated Ganges Primrose

(Asystasia gangetica variegata) This variegated beauty is a tender perennial or subshrub that sprawls out and is reminiscent of a large petunia plant. Bright variegated foliage and purple flowers that bloom off... Read More >

Linebackerâ„¢ Distylium

This beautiful evergreen shrub has an upright, rounded shape. Great for screening or hedge planting. The new growth emerges a reddish color and matures to a dark glossy green. Small red flowers... Read More >

October Magic White Shi-Shi

(Camellia sasanqua) Porcelain-white, double formal flowers provide a graceful display at a time of the year when fewer shrubs are blooming, and last well into winter. Very versatile, low growing evergreen shrub.... Read More >

Goldflake Mecardonia

New! Perfect for baskets, containers and as a groundcover, this low-growing perennial produces small sunshine yellow flowers on emerald green foliage all summer and into fall. Full to part sun. A sweet... Read More >

Ruby Grass – Rychelytrum neriglume

A strikingly beautiful ornamental grass with silver-blue foliage that brushes purple-red in the fall. Irridescent ruby-pink blooms from early summer through fall, acquiring a silvery appearance as they age. Grows about 20".... Read More >


This family of plants is ideally suited to Houston's heat and humidity! Most require some shade but will reward you with beautiful blooms. Featured in our photo(s) is "Musical Notes" Clerodendrum, an... Read More >

Caesalpinia ‘Cream Puff’

This exciting new Caesalpinia has attractive soft yellow blooms all summer long. The blooms appear to dance above their delicate foliage. Averaging 6' tall, 'Cream Puff' prefers full sun and good drainage.... Read More >

Luzon Viburnum

This beautiful shrub has wonderfully textured soft apple-green foliage. It makes a beautiful contrast with standard green shrubs. In mid-spring it explodes with clusters of creamy white flowers. As an added bonus... Read More >

‘Skinners’ Banana Shrub Michelea skinneriana

A superior form of the standard Banana Shrub. It's an outstanding evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage, and famous for it's uniquely shaped yellow flowers that have a wonderful banana fragrance!... Read More >

Heidi’s Picks

Pictured above is a sampling of the many varieties of citrus that can be grown in the Houston area. Oranges, Satsumas, Clementines, Mandelos, Pummelos, Grapefruits, Limes and Lemons all are easy to... Read More >

Walter’s Viburnum Viburnum obovatum

This lovely native evergreen shrub is in full bloom at the moment. The attractive small dark green leaves are practically hidden by a magnificent display of clusters of white flowers. Very tolerant... Read More >

Pink Emu Bush Eremophila laanii

A lush, graceful 5' - 8' shrub with weeping branches, much like a fountain, & narrow apple-green foliage. It produces a profusion of tubular, flared-lipped pink flowers in the spring. Pink Emu... Read More >

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