Rangoon Creeper

Posted on July 15, 2009by The Arbor Gate

We just had to take a moment to write about this wonderful flowering vine. While the rest of us suffer under this summer’s heat and drought, Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) thrives in it!
Lovely clusters of red/pink/white blooms hang down from these semi-evergreen vines. The blooms are incredibly fragrant at night. An added bonus is reports of deer resistance!
Rangoon Creeper-A Houston Garden Must Have!

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6 Responses to “Rangoon Creeper”

  1. marlene walker
    Jul 07, 2011

    I want to plant a Rangoon Creeper to grow up the wood columns supporting the outside stairs. But I read a warning to not ever let them attach to wood. Do they destroy the wood, and if so, is there a solution to planting them in the ground downstairs (outside) and getting them to grow up to the upstairs landing where I could install some sort of supports that could enable them to grow on line, rope or whatever, ceiling to handrailing, all the way back down the stairs. I want to hide a neighbor’s awful backyard, viewed by everyone who visits. I love the plant, or do you recommend something else that is faster growing? Full sun after about 2:00. And some in the morning. Northern exposure. The 7″ fence on that side is completely covered and growing up the trees and on the ground, with a beautiful blooming Cross Vine that is very healthy. It’s only 3 -4 years old.

    Thank you,

    • The Arbor Gate
      Jul 12, 2011

      The Rangoon Creeper is a perennial. It will die back in the winter. It does not bore into the wood, it would definitely need to have supports to climb. There are several alternatives, especially if you would like to have evergreen foliage. Come by and let us show you!

  2. Lucia Snedigar
    Dec 15, 2012

    We have planted 5 rangoon creepers against a 4 ft fence. We have realized that we’ll have to change the fence to something taller in order to provide adequate support. Would a 6-8 ft fence be adequate? Does the vine have to be trained in some way or will it secure itself to the fence? They are still quite small, in the 2 ft range, but growing vigorously.

  3. The Arbor Gate
    Dec 17, 2012


    Rangoon creeper is a large growing vine. You will have to provide support, it does not attach itself to the fence. Space them at least 6′ – 8′ apart. They can freeze back in the winter but are root hardy.

  4. Linda Farmer
    Jul 06, 2013

    My rangoon creeper is about 3 years and has not bloom since it was planted in the ground. what should I do for it to bloom?

    • The Arbor Gate
      Jul 08, 2013

      Rangoon Creeper needs full sun and not too much water. Make sure it is well fed with an organic time released fertilizer. Rangoon Creeper does not like too much water.

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